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Ulman says donations went up after Lance Armstrong initially quit fighting doping allegations. But after much more damning evidence of an Armstrong-lead, extensive doping conspiracy, Nike has dropped Armstrong, and he’s resigned from the cancer charity. Can Livestrong still survive?

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Good morning from @jenniferwlopez and @TMIFred #poptech #bowtie
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Social Media Management is a term that sprouted with the social platforms in their ambiguous debut to the world. Now, companies worldwide offer this service to brands, businesses, organizations and celebrities. While some critics feel that brands are better managed by their companies, we see so many potential opportunities. Is social media management a thumbs up or down? Why?
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Congressman Lamar Smith introduces SOPA to the House. As of today, he has not been available for comment but upon research into his social presence, Jesse Castilla, reporting for the Social Vitae, found his Facebook to be ‘anything but a dialogue.’
"I don’t think he understands social media or how to utilize it to hear the voices that he governs but it may be the same ideology that separates the generations. The gap hasn’t been closed and may not be for sometime. There are people out there that still do not know how to use a computer and the thought is intimidating. To give the government the right to censor free speech online is the last standing ground our constitution has."
While many people have voiced their opinion of SOPA, we still want to hear what you think. Questions for Lamar would be excepted as well.
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SOPA was the four letter word of the day. Yesterday we witnessed an internet movement alongside giants Wikipedia, Facebook, Google, and many other that overwhelmed many congress with petitions to keep proposed laws at bay. So much of a movement that many sites went black (inoperable) and, almost by default, overloaded many websites of congressmen that their websites were black as well.
What do our followers thing about it?